Friday, July 24, 2009

Jersey, Philly-Style

Officials arrested in corruption ring leave federal court

You know how this will all end, right? It'll be the NY/NJ version of this. Huge amount of indictments. Minimal punishment. I would not be surprised if entrapment is claimed and the State of New Jersey & the Federal Government is forced to pay out to the (alleged) perpetrators. There goes our stimulus money....

But, while the accusations and paperwork is piling up, court time will be dandy. The trial will be quite interesting, especially considering the age and the position of some of those arrested. Newspapers will reap a huge increase in circulation. Synagogues will be full of the curious and the non-Syrian Jews wanting in on the story.
Money-laundering, organ-selling, cereal box money transportation devices, respected elderly rabbis... This has it all! TV movie will be out within 2 months; YouTube will most certainly be hosting amateur renditions shortly.

What a great summer for new phrases!
"Hiking in the Appalachians" will forever be associated with exotic sexual dalliance.

"Apple Jacks" will no longer connote a morning breakfast cereal but, rather, a high-in-sugar cardboard money logistical device.

It's only July. We have the full month of August to add to this summer's new phraseology. The East Coast has been particularly fecund this season. Come on, West Coast! I thought all of the creative writing talent had migrated out there? We're waiting for some verbal gems from you folks.


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