Monday, June 29, 2009 the Minors

Pretty neat stuff, this.

Wilco, playing in a series of minor league stadiums.
July 10th, in Wilmington, DE home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks. (YeeHaa! got some tix for this show)

July 11th in Lowell, MA home of the Lowell Spinners.

July 13th in Brooklyn, NY home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

July 18 in Wappingers Falls, NY home of the Hudson Valley Renegades.

Contrary to the local rag's "crack" reporting, the Wilmington, DE Wilco appearance is NOT yet sold out. So, for Wilcomaniacs, Wilmington's still a possibility.

Addendum : Chicago Public Radio interview with Jeff Tweedy re. the new album, "Wilco (The Album)".

Addendum 7/13/09: Here's the Inquirer's Dan DeLuca's review. We were standing next to him for the first half of the concert, when Conor Oberst and the Short Band were playing. After Oberst finished, there was a rush forward to see Wilco. Mr. DeLuca was scribbling madly during Oberst's performance, left-handed, in a shorthand that was totally indiscernable from my peeks in his general direction. In the review, he writes, "Tweedy is not always the most articulate lyricist; I'm not quite sure what it means to be "cold as gasoline," as he sings on the new disc's "Solitaire."". It's funny; I knew exactly (or thought I knew) what Tweedy was getting at. "Hladno ko benzin" ("Cold as gasoline") is a Croatian expression, describing a condition where your experience of a situation is in direct opposition to the reaction that condition usually calls for.

Your child is born. You're depressed at the event. Your wife, from her birthing bed, observes the veil of unhappiness slithering down your face. "You're cold as gasoline", she says to you, poking around to see if she can find a match.

Me. DeLuca notes that "Cline was impressive all night, whether shredding violently on the extended "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" or the more lyrical "Impossible Germany.' His guitar, though, could have been louder. So, for that matter, could have been the whole band, which also comprises drummer Glenn Kotche, multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone, and superb keyboard player Mikael Jorgensen. It was as if the volume had to be kept down to keep from offending motorists speeding by on I-95." I figure he was way back in the crowd at that point. We were about 30 feet front-center from the stage and the sound was clean and powerful. Frawly baseball field borders on the third base line right by I-95, which cuts Wilmington in two at that point. The sky was ominous for a bit but no rain fell and with two encores, Jeff Tweedy and company were returning all of the love the adoring audience was pouring Wilco's way.

The band was outstandingly impressive, transforming, for at least for one night, Wilmington to, as Mr. Tweedy put it, Wilcoton. He promised they would come back; we can barely wait.

Addendum Deaux: The charming Mr. DeLuca, included a short note from me to him re. Cold as Gasoline.

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