Friday, June 19, 2009

Wheel of Organization

In the realm of infinite possibilities that is particular to sleep, occasionally the self-guided engagement of personal problem-solving takes purchase in the frontal lobe. In indirect relation to my work-related tasks, my level of (dis)organization at home is both cause for embarrassment and for easy ridicule. As a weak defense, I offer up W.C Fields' horizontal methodology toward filing, which works well if you're into sedimentology and hope that the crush of paper will "concentrate" your filing needs. With the cure-all of shut eye, my problems are solved. It's with waking that the reality of definite solution conflicts with the perfection of dreams.

What I truly need are desks; the more multiple the better. Though the attraction of file cabinets is strong, my home-related preferred lifestyle is not to shut away things but to leave them out as reminders and brain-hints. Space is obviously an issue when discussing furniture addition. In a dinky home, space, furniture and the interplay of the two become seeds for daily chewing. How to arrange and how to stock and how not to go bump in the night leaves one exhausted enough to eagerly welcome sleep from which all successful (if only temporary) solutions flow.

So, I came up with this. A water-wheeled desk. Circles are perfect, no? The paddles would be 18-25 inches deep and all hinged, on each side, in one space. So, as you turn the wheel, the magic of gravity keeps the upcoming desk level. For those previously cursed with cathedral ceilings, fell blessed now as your water wheel desk can have a diameter that we, with 10 ft ceilings can only dream about. I’d have the wheel made from cedar, so as to provide a fabulous scent to one’s desk-sitting, and the desk surfaces made in a variety of woods, say birch, cherry, and maple.

Just have to see if this idea will fly with the Ever-Loving Wife. She just may be on her last organization-related idea nerve; the next idea may just push her into the Chuck-It-All Zone.

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