Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music & Car Keys

My reliable 1999 Camry has 221,045 miles on it. I recently purchased a set of 4 60,000 mile tires, so I'm betting that Ol' Red will take me to 300,000 miles, which is a bit over 2 more years based on my annual mileage. I'm hoping that when I put her to rest after the 300k mile mark there will be auto technology available that will allow me to dispense with car keys altogether. All I'll have to remember is how to hum the melody to "Rosalita" and I'll be behind the wheel! Who knows? Maybe even an American manufacturer could come up with the solution, although I'm betting on either Toyota (my preference) or Honda to come up with the Keyless Musical Entry System.


Ah: you speak of the Scrooge McDuck option!
Great research, WP. No original thinking at this end, I guess.
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