Friday, June 19, 2009

Hunting & Gathering Laughs

Well, tonight the Ever-Loving Wife will be doing something we haven't done in over 21 years. She was carrying our spirited daughter, who was stirring up aplenty, eager to pounce out into the world. So, what better thing to do in that stage of pregnancy than to go see Jerry Seinfeld. This was in the day just after he'd first been on Carson (remember that guy?) and well before he was a speck on tv, on some show that NBC seemed to move around every virtual time slot in fear that people may watch it and like it. The fact that NBC actually stuck with the show is a minor miracle as the network seemed hellbent to kill the show at every bizarro time showing it unveiled it.

Anyway, tonight we'll be in Philly watching the master at work. The ELW will most probably be taking notes as she did the last time we saw him. Only this time, she won't have the benefit of having a natural desk that our daughter served as while the latter was taking up temporary residence in Chez ELW.

Aside from the continual laughing that night a century ago, I'm still amazed that we made it through the night without having a delivery.

A current show's review is here and here.

A video of the night of the Seinfeld show finale.

And, finally, some of the new stuff we're hoping to hear in person.

AND...AND the final one (I promise), a Serb-related OP piece.

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