Friday, May 08, 2009

Rodney Dangerfield Would Feel at Home Here

Last night on The Daily News, this exchange took place between the impish Jon Stewart and the Stick-it-to-the-Diamond State Ken Salazar.

So, if the state that used to be called the "Small Wonder" was wondering what Washington D.C. thought of need to go any further. It's the state to punk.

Now, it will be interesting if, as Mr. Stewart opined, V.P Joseph Biden "is going to kick (the forementioned Mr. Salazar's) ass! Biden is going to be all over you."

In Delaware, with quite a lot of beachfront property being owned by House of Reps and Senators from the capital, we had assumed those areas were classified as a national park. I mean, on a congressman's salary they couldn't afford the property, right? There has to have been some Federal assistance to allow our elected officials to dip their overworked footsies in the Atlantic or the inlet.


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