Monday, May 04, 2009

PIttsburgh. Why I love the Internet

After reading this spiel, click on this link.

Steve Mellon, a photographer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has posted a collection of photos, well stitched together photos, that he's called Pittsburgh Revolution. In this series (because it is a series, only a seemless one), he has photographed the interior of St. Nicholas' Croatian Catholic Church. I blogged about it a few years ago, frustrated that I could not get inside.

These photographs by Mr. Mellon only fuels the frustration. It is magnificent!

So, click on the link.
Then, on the toolbar at the bottom of the picture, hit the FULL SCREEN button.
Then, with your mouse, clicking the left button, ZOOOOOOM around the room.

My hat's off to Mr. Mellon for a wonderful display and my hopes go out that the First Catholic Croatian Church in the U.S. of A. is somehow restored.

More of Steve Mellon's panoramic Pittsburgh views are here.

What a great old American city it is.


Pittsburgh is indeed a remarkable American city, for many, many reasons -- most of which are hidden in plain view, as is this church. Thank you for the marvelous link.
Millvale!? Millvale was the next village over from Glenshaw, Darko. Millvale was where the "hunkies" lived. A rather disparaging name for the Slavic immigrants and their descendants who worked in the steel mills. Don't know if I ever told you about a book called "Out of this Furnace," about three generations of an immigrant Slavic family in Pittsburgh. The papa came through Ellis Island and landed in Braddock, PA. It's based on a true story, and paints a pretty vivid picture of what life was like in Pittsburgh in the days when the steel mills were the heartbeat of the city. Spring is here--I think a weekend junket to Pittsburgh is in order, what do you say?
The Deev
WP, I could (and have) spend(t) hours fooling around with Mr. Mellon's pictures. The Cathedral of Learning is especially fun; I only wish he'd gone into some of the different Nationality rooms in the Cathedral.
With all that you can look at in this church, even a Catholic-in-Slippage as myself, would be able to make it through services each Sunday. Truth be told, the last time that I went to church services I'd actually stayed through was back in the old country a few years ago. The sermon was vivid, practical, and of the people. I've yet to say the same about any services I've gone to in the states.

Uninspiring sermons, one of the eight deadly sins.

I'll be going up for a pickup in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the car will be crammed with stuff on the return trip. Even the ELW will be unable to squeeze into the vehicle.
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