Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pickup Pittsburgh May 2009

So, rather than posting the play list for the annual college pickup, I thought I'd try posting these short (and not so short) bits of footage with music playing rather loudly in the background on the car's stereo.

Driving into Blue Mountain Tunnel westbound on the PA Turnpike on Sunday May 17, 2009

Between tunnels on the PA Turnpike, driving by the famous World of Pigeons. Tip of the hat to Ol' Froth, who actually stopped to take the photo on his site. I've passed this decrepit barn innumerable times in the last 8 years, once in a while catching a glimpse of flocks of pigeons circling the barn on a flyover.

Driving to and through Tuscarora Tunnel with the late William Clarke on the harp.

One more to fit here after I download it. It's about 14 minutes which is a problem as far as downloading it to YouTube.

Entering Pittsburgh from the northwest and driving through Shadyside

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