Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pamela's - Nuff Said

It seems that the secret is out. Pittsburgh's own Pamela's, a breakfast favorite, will no longer be Pittsburgh's to hold close and dear. The absolutely fabulous pancakes (really more crepe-ish in their appearance and taste) were served at the White House over the weekend. Since first visiting Pittsburgh back a few years, it was strongly suggested that I park my open gullet at Pamela's, be it in the Strip District, Shadyside, or Squirrel Hill.

During the election hubbub last year, Mr. Dan Rooney, of Pittsburgh Steelers fame (and shortly of Irish Ambassador fame) decided to take the soon-to-be-elected Barack Obama and his lovely spouse to the Strip Side Pamela's for some meet, greet, 'n eat activity. The pancakes were so memorable that the owners of the Pittsburgh chain were invited to D.C to share the pancake wealth.

hope success doesn't spoil this little Pittsburgh treasure. By the way, while the pancakes are great you shouldn't pass up Pamela's version of homefries. For me at least, it's neck and neck between the two as to which brings a bigger smile on my face...

...although, putting in a plug here, Sunday Morning brunch at Lidia's is an extraordinary way to begin one's week. I've gone at least every season and I'll admit my heart (and gut) are pulled strongest with the winter season offerings. Sarma! Not to say that the other three seasons' offerings are slouches. For the price, you cannot go wrong. Your tongue and your nose will thank you.

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