Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

It's already May! 1/3 through 2009 and, I'm sure, folks are eagerly waiting for December 31st to roll around in hopes that the economic malaise, like the swine flu, duly runs its course through the 10th year of this century with the promise that the recovery, like the promised swine flu vaccine, arrives in plentitude in the autumn of this year.

But, before we descend back to the caves, huddling uneasily together for warmth while breathing in opposite directions, let's celebrate May, a month named with the possibility of Hope.

In Minneapolis, May Day is a big thing, almost European its celebratory style. I realize that the planning for this annual event has been in the works for months, but it is unfortunate timing that a good deal of the Day are tied in with
pigs. Even the main poster has a pig on the shoulders of a man, opressing him with a porcine attitude.
I'll assume that In the Heart fo the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, the folks that have been putting the May day Parade together for 35 years, are thumbing their nose at the Swine Flu and, yes, even the Avian Flu, by having a respective member of each flus' originators right there on the poster.

Take that Flu! We're at one with other species, no matter the ill health they are inadvertently sending in our general direction. We will march and jump and dance and wait for May 2nd to garner any ills you rain on our parade.

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