Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thank You, the handwritten way

After going through this scorecard, I realized that I haven't been piling up any "Thank You" points. In fact, my non-actions have caused me to go into the negative column. I've bee the appreciative recipient of a few of these letters/ cards recently and can't quantify sufficiently how much a hand-written card in the mail means these days when the e-mail option's so easy. And e-cards? Frankly, I never even bother to open them as there's always some shrill music launched, "Pandora's Box"'s the tune's name, that seems to say, "You're so insignificant that I'll press enter and send you this swill".

So, this year, I shall do better. I shall order some fine Thank You stationary and do the proper deed. As a point of recommendation, my Ever Loving Wife has used the services of this card designer and has been quite happy.

So, pen to paper and only a minimum of words to let the someones out there know that handwriting is not dead and that all of the stuff piled in your mailbox is not pre-addressed nor immediately chuckable.

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