Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Short Stop with Pauseland

It's one of those cold and rainy November days one has to get through in order to get to a cold and snowy one. The only problem is that it's April 15th and, aside from the icy shoulder of the IRS, warmth is what one thinks of, 25 days into Spring. It is days like this that requires one parking one's backside into a sofa-sized easy chair with a hot tea or coffee within paw's distance and a selection of music in the background of a settling and non-intrusive blend. Something not evoking the chirpiness of spring but rather the hints of a hibernating winter with a touch of an April rubbing sleep dust from its eyes and yawning that rotting odour that precludes an explosion of daffodils.

May I suggest Pauseland's Palindrome, available here, if you want to deal with a CD company with a sense of humour and a knack for customer service?

Pauseland is a Danish group of young fellows of Danish and Norwegian heritage who seem not to be burdened with ironed clothes nor other acts of conscious public presentation. Instead, their energies are directed into the creation and excellent playing of jazzy (and I don't mean jazzy-like) guitar and horn driven compositions that would sooth the heart of any savage beast. "Laid back" is too intense a moniker to lay on them; their songs and their presentation is more akin to breathing of a meditative nature. In initially listening to Palindrome, one would be wrong in signing these fellows off as polishers of higher level elevator music. The songs all stealthily snake their way into your mind's ear and coil around any tension inside. You exhale with relaxation. You inhale, tasting the air with a new appreciation.

Taking to bed, if you happen to have a CD player or iPod handy, with Palindrome is a slow-motion departure to a restful place. Close your eyes and breath through your eyelids. The havoc of the day dissipates and you, dear reader, are living a calmer life.


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