Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wish I Had Not...


It was loooong (and worse, it felt even longer).
It was overly self-involved (It reminded of the first Star-Trek movie where 3/4 of it was spent oohhing and ahhing over the ***New*** USS Enterprise).
Dr. Manhattan sounded awfully like this "guy".
The most interesting characters (The Comedian and Rorschach were short-shrifted on screen time.

...worst of all, this was a truly boring movie.

Forget my money, I want my 2 hrs and 45 minutes back.


Having been underwhelmed by the comic back in the day, there was nothing in its transition to the silver screen that could have drawn me into the theatre. All I can say is, I'm sorry for your loss of over three hours (including driving, parking, etc.).
i, for one, enjoyed it.
WP, slowly, but surely, I'm somehow "regaining" my 2 Hrs and 45 minutes by engaging in other equally stupid activities. The negative of a negative is a....

Expostulate on your enjoyment. Simple statement of perception without excessive verbiage is no proof of your enjoyment. Words! Words, I say! Throw them in a pile in my general direction.
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