Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Track #3, Hey Ya

I'm sitting in a pizzeria, awaiting a delivery of two slices while my foot is furiously tapping. I'd just come in from my car where I'd left Potato Hole in the CD player. Track #3 had just finished. The tune's lodged in my head and it has seeped down to my right foot, the one noted as "furiously tapping".

The song starts with five distinctive notes, clearly enunciated by Patterson Hood’s guitar. Five seconds later, loud and deep thumps on Brad Morgan's drum. Twelve seconds into the song, Mr. Booker T. starts with his patented j-j-j-j-j-Ja-JA-JABBING notes. Hey Ya! A minute thirty-seven seconds, you can hear Neil Young’s distinctive string tear and at one minute fifty, he starts shreading a la Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse. The song takes off and spins a furious carousel of blazing summer days and popsicle lighted boardwalk nights. Cars are driving with tops down with everyone bouncing in tune. Mr. Booker T. brings down the excitement a notch. Get folks calmed down a touch, before launching the B-3 "pipes" off again in full accompaniment of the Drive By Truckers and Neil Young.

This song should go on forever, or at least until the temperature breaks 70 from the dismal mid-50’s this spring has plagued us with.

But, no it slowly slides down and disappears into the recesses of the car speakers. At 3 minutes 52 seconds, joy has been swallowed up.

And, that’s what the seek key was made for. Track #3, one more time. One more time, many times over.

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