Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a Philly Day

It's drizzlin' on and off and then on, a light pluvial orchestration to this day. It's cold, it's warm, it's raining, it seems the weather is of a dual personality. Not sure if it's still Winter, trying to break out in Spring.

But, off to Philly for some standing and shuffling on the banks of the mighty Schuylkill River. Mad rowing followed by long periods of reading, eating, and photo-shooting, ending with more mad rowing. Rain in the air, rain in the water, water in the river, river being pushed aside by university crews.

But, tonight is The Bad Plus at Chris' Jazz Cafe, one of the few venues still in operation in Philly that caters solely to jazz. Aside from the trio, a vocalist, Wendy Lewis, will be joining the group on their latest tour. They're touting "For All I Care", which prominently features Ms. Lewis. Producer was Tchad Blake, a favorite of mine, who's done fantastic work with Los Lobos, Bonnie Raitt, and ex-wife, Suzanne Vega . He is the master of the Thick sound, which makes "For All I Care" a treat to listen to over and over and over.

Come rain or shine, it'll be a great night in Philly tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll be the usual on WVUD-91.3 from 9:00 until noon. Aside from pre-planned heavy medicinal does of the B-3, I'm sure I'll be playing The Bad Plus. Tune in, check it out.

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