Friday, March 27, 2009

Glamorless- It's a Good Thing

Yeah, I checked the date of this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. And, no, the date was not April 1st.

Yeah, I checked that the story was in the Post-Gazette and not some clip form The Onion or Pittsburgh's version of The Onion, The Carbolic Smoke Ball. And, the answer was no on both accounts.

So, the sentence, "VisitPittsburgh is now marketing the city as a glamorless destination for the post-luxury age."

I quote,
""Why risk the possible issue of booking in what would be considered a resorty type of destination when you can get all you need in Pittsburgh?"

The thinking goes that if financial institution Wells Fargo had planned its employee rewards trip to Pittsburgh instead of Las Vegas after the federal bailout, no one would have balked.

VisitPittsburgh is hoping for a repeat of 2008, which was a record year for conventions at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The center hosted 49 conventions, up from 38 in 2007.

Mr. Davis said Pittsburgh is proving to be a popular alternative to larger cities.

"We have a reputation as a destination where people actually show up," he said."

I love Pittsburgh; I'm not sure why it has to downtrodden (can I make this a verb?) itself to get folks to come. Really! It's a great city to visit, even if it's not Las Vegas gaudy.


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