Monday, November 03, 2008

Palin, Rubbing it in in Pittsburgh

In her ongoing campaign in Pennsylvania, VP candidate Sarah Plain is striving to be booed at all major sporting events. Gov. Palin of Alaska either doesn't get it or her not-so-hot-at-handling her personnel don't get it. You don't come to Pittsburgh, home of the most beautiful, IMHO, baseball stadium in baseball and home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, a professional baseball team that hasn't caught a whiff of the playoffs since Barry Bonds was 175 lbs., and rub it in to the home crowd about the cross-state rivals being World Champions.
...and then, after being a dimwit with her words, she puts on that dimwit smile? Come on PA! Get with it and start the "O" landslide, staring from the western cornet all the way to Philly. Home of the Champions.

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