Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Money. Their Spending.

I know Mr. Obama has been getting slammed from the time that he started running about how he was inexperienced, how he was always campaigning for the next job, how he never really did anything in the job he was elected to due to time constraints required by the job he was next to have. I won't bother with this fool's errand of a task to deal with the moans and groans.
Instead, if you're not already familiar with this site, let me point you USAspending.gov, a site created due to one of Mr. Obama's initiatives that was put into action.

It's a fabulous (and fabulously depressing) place to go to. When they start loading in the $700 billion economy salvation package details, I'll be sure to stop by and check it out. I'll just to make sure not to carry any sharp instruments with me.
So, what's interesting? Well, it seems in the list of the Top 100 Recipients for FY 2008 (Oct 1, 2007 through Sept. 30, 2008), Air India was at #93, having received $900,354,357. Yes, that is 900 MILLION paid not to a foreign government, but to a foreign airline. I did not see any American airlines in that Top 100 list.

Another search revealed that in the federal assistance provided to my home state of Delaware for the FY 2008, coming in at #10, with a total of $12,935,000, was Providence Creek Academy Charter School. $12 Million Dollars. To one school. I'm no auditor, but looking at their financial statements, I did not see any lines on the financial statements indicating outstanding loans of that size, contributed assets of that size, and certainly not income of that size. No magic footnotes either, mentioning such a large windfall. Hmmmmm.

In FY 2002, it seems The Sands Inc, owners of a hotel and restaurant in Rehoboth Beach were #10 in the top ten list of Delaware recipients of US Government assistance, with $19,500,000. Wonder if I could mention this the next time I go as a reason to comp or at least reduce my room rates.

This site is quite useful, as long as you have a long tall glass of Pepto by your side.


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