Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just, in Passing

John Mitchell aka Mitch Mitchell, a truly under-rated drummer died yesterday. In today's NYT's Obit section, Mr. Mitchell was the (gravestone) Headliner.

However, this obit, regarding a certain Nikola Kavaja, is what caught my eye. A scary guy with a ghost-filled resume stuffed with controversies. Among other bizarre facts, if he was the anti-Communist and Tito-hater he preached he was, what the heck was he doing living in Serbia when he died? Last sentence of the article about sums his life up.

"A classic Balkan fable, long on drama, short on truth," Paul Gimigliano, a spokesman for the C.I.A., said Tuesday least in Mr. Kavaja's telling, his own life makes Chuck Norris look like a wimp. At least when he was alive, I would have probably agreed.

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62 seems awfully young, until one contrasts that with Mitch's former band member. Still, this is very sad news indeed.
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