Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Where's the honeymoon I've heard about? Welcome to the new world.....a lot like the old world, Prez. Obama. And even though our foreign allies and those countries we've been courting as allies seem to be quite pleased, Russia's already jumping up and down about how the USA's financial crisis is TOTALLY to blame for Russia's and where they'll be posting new missle bases.

Where is the love

n.b.: The Ever Loving Wife and I were staring at the tube late last night, marveling at the fact that, after eight years, we would have a president who truly knows the meaning of his own words and a person who I am not supposed to be tempted to have a beer with to prove his capability but, rather, a person whose mind and tongue are well-connected. We won't be hearing any nicknames attached to important people because this president attaches importance to what the person's true name is. We preach to our children that honest, hard work, and always, always furthering one's education are admirable qualities. There's nothing wrong with being elite, just as long as you're not elitist...being of the former, you should know what the difference is to the latter. Isn't that what the USA's supposed to be about? Aren't we supposed to strive for the improvement of ourselves and, more importantly, our children?

Then, after Obama's speech, Joe Biden came strolling onto the stage. This was the most unbelievable part for the two of us. Joe Biden, Vice-President Elect. Who woulda thunk it?


You hardly need me to link you to "The Onion" but since you saw fit to rain lemon-juice on my Hug & Kiss Novels, here goes:


And I do think Putin and his puppet had better re-confer: I suspect your president-elect has sand enough to deal with their shenanigans.
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