Friday, October 03, 2008

Walking the Dog

Brett Myers, a Phillies pitcher, has a .069 batting percentage. 0.069! His average is so low, he makes the Mendoza line seem almost Gwynnian. But last night, apart from his (post 1st inning) fabulous pitching, his at-bats will be the stuff of legend. In the second inning, after going into a 0-2 hole against the monster CC Sabathia, he worked a walk against the Milwaukee ace with two outs. To boot, he drained 9 pitches out of Sabathia's limited pitch supply. When have you ever seen 45,000 people raise a ruckus and wave their rally towels for a walk? Why, last night in Philly, of course. Of the 98 pitches the Brewers' workhorse pitched last night, 19 were to Myers. That's 19.4%! To an opposing pitcher! To someone that should be an automatic out, 3-4 pitches max! The Phils won 5-2 to go up 2-zip against the Brew Crew. What will be remembered from last night will not be Victorino's grand slam homer in the 2nd inning (the first grand slam of his career and the first grand slam in the post-season history of the Phillies (who have been around since 1883!) but Myers' unearthly at-bat to earn a walk in the same inning.

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