Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday's NYT

Two interesting bits from today's NYT.

This house is one that could most definitely keep me house-bound. Why go out? Why go to work? Why leave, ever? Catch the slide show included in the article.

The other article? It concerns NY governor David Paterson's aide. "Charles J. O’Byrne, (who), despite an annual income of about $100,000 and an Ivy League education, could not bring himself to undertake the task of filling out his tax forms every year. Mr. O’Byrne and his doctor have described him as clinically depressed during that period".
His lawyers, defending his non-actions with the IRS have brought up something called late-filing syndrome. Per the NYT, "Late-filing syndrome, sometimes known as nonfiling syndrome or failure-to-file syndrome, is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. A spokeswoman for the American Psychiatric Association said that the group does not recognize it as a psychiatric condition".

Is it any wonder that the legal and the mental health professionals are not held in the highest regard by the majority of the populace? As a reluctant annual filer, not a tear of sympathy, not a drop of empathy go this fellow's way. $100,000 annually and he's not filing? Give me a break. Depression is completely understandable, but to concoct a syndrome for not filing, especially at the income level that the fellow's in?

...and let's not talk about Mr. O’Byrne's misuse of a government credit card. ("Questions about another aspect of Mr. O’Byrne’s finances arose on Wednesday based on a report in The Daily News that he had recently charged $935 in restaurant meals in Manhattan to his state-issued credit card, including visits to Commerce in Greenwich Village and Cookshop in Chelsea.")

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I ADORE that house!

Looks a lot like Casa de Mayo...(ours).
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