Monday, October 06, 2008

Small Bear Blues

Well, the Phillies came through yesterday on Pat Burrell's untimely bat. Having eliminated the Brewers, a Jekyll-Hyde opponent if there ever was one, they're up onto the next rung of the World Series playoffs. The Phils resume play on Thursday at home at Citizen's Bank Park against Manny, Donny, Larry, & Joe. Not Manny, Moe, and Jack but familiar enough faces for baseball fans out here on the much hated East Coast.
The Phillies-Dodgers series may provide for an interesting turn of events as the previous Philly manager and much-beloved ex-shortstop Larry Bowa takes the field as LA's 3rd base coach or when Manny and his Hydra-Hair comes to bat. Maybe it's a good time for the Philly grounds crew to be working on that moveable outfield fence we've heard about.

Since the Dodgers are still alive, their previous opponent is obviously.....

not. The Cubs, again, are out in 3 games, this year being a more painful exit as their false-promising 97 wins was the best in the National League this past year. I, for one, will miss their participation, if only for no longer being able to read Cubby-Blue, the brilliant blog written and drawn by Mr. Tim Souers.

Still, Cubby-Blue is worth any serious baseball fan's return visit, despite the Cubbies' early exit. The Blues are a musical idiom thick with sadness, regret, and life's bitter pills. Combining the blues with the Cubbies is akin to putting a hemi on your gut-bucket feelings. You can't get lower, faster.

My condolences go out to Tim. Wait 'til next year. Go, Cubbies!


I am not a baseball fan, but good baseball writing makes me wish I was. So does a good baseball movie -- my wife is out of town, so I just happened to watch (again) Game 6 last night. An incredibly rich movie made on half-a-shoestring budget.
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