Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Second Time Around

In my own little private imaginary world where I envision our country reclaiming its honor in the court of world opinion and re-establishing its place as an example to follow not to heed, this man will be re-appointed to the Secretary of State position in the change of regime to come. He does have the experience. He does have the respect. He does deserve a chance to wipe the scum and slime dumped on his character by the Cheney/Rumsfield ogre.


I think this is a fine idea.
Just like this whole election year, there's a "wing and a Prayer" attitude that everything falls into place.
Funny: the first thing to catch my eye was the artfully touched-up photo of Maureen Dowd.
Yes, WP, she is not only the plume fatale, she is the femme fatale as well.
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