Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is She Stupid or Deluded? Seriously. I'd Love to Know.

Just one more quick post today...

A commenter to this post, normalasf put it succinctly and put it the best after viewing this YouTube of VP Candidate Sarah Palin.

She hurts my brain.

n.b. Remember that Anne Kilkenny e-mail regarding her take on fellow Wasillan (Wasillian? Wasillate?) S. Palin? You were kinda hoping it was all true but also dreading that it was just another viral e-mail going around spreading dirt and manure.
Well, FactCheck.org, the non-politically affiliated fact checker outer site has jumped in with their take. All that mud-slinging? Well, it is mostly true. So, that cringe you were holding back? Have at it, man!


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