Thursday, October 02, 2008

Falling Classically

It's barely started and I'm already succumbing to the inevitable funk.
L.A. (as in Dodgers) v. The BoSox. Call it the Manny's Revenge World Series. Joe "I'll Be Back" Torre returns to Boston to set things straight; the Sox don't win another World Series in 50 years.

Yeah, Philly's ahead in the best of five divisional series, 1-0, but Lidge is morphing into Mitch Williams and WHERE THE HELL ARE THOSE BATS!?

For masochistic relief, I go read Tim Souers' Cubby-Blue. Now, there's a guy who should not have any seat in the upper decks. And if he does, I hope friends have brought rope along to tie him to his seat. Yesterday? Not an auspicious end to the curse.

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