Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Doddering toward the Finish Line

Last night's performance combined with the possibility that if only 25% of this piece is true makes for a sad end to Senator McCain's bid for the presidency. He shuffled, he struggled, he used the phrase "My Friends" as a mantra in attempts to connect, and then he referred to Senator Obama as that one. It was a pitiful site almost enough to elicit empathy. Almost. Hey! The guy's running to be the leader of the Free World (whatever that is these days). I hope I never empathize with the president of the US of A. The job is one of such complexity of all the components of the socio-political-financial-military human condition that I would not have a clue as to how the prez is coping or feeling. The most I can hope for as a voter and citizen is that there is competency, vigor, and communication happening between he/she on high and we the fellow citizens below. John McCain seemed old, confused, paranoid, and way past his prime. He came off as incapable of handling these momentous times we live in and made his first executive choice as his running mate even more egregious. If he is to be our chief corporate officer, his succession plan revealed that he has no future plans for our country.

Do I think Senator Obama is the best possible choice for these times? No, I don't. But the screwed-up way we choose our candidates has given us two choices and I truly believe we only have one choice. I will be lighting a multitude of candles for his obvious ability to absorb and learn on the job. I believe in his character, his family, and in the power and energy of youth. Unlike Mr. McCain (please read the RS article), Mr. Obama did not seem to waste much of his youth on the pursuits of adolescence. There is no bitterness, there is no indication of a spoiled child's unchallenged progression to adulthood, and there is no record of coattail riding in his life's story. Is he elitist? I don't think so but, if he is, well great! Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Warren Buffet, any of the Nobel prize winners; they're all elite performers in their field. If folks want to classify Senator Obama as an elite politician? Well, can I just vote today and end the agony of the 3rd debate?

nb: I'm just re-reading David Foster Wallace's "Consider the Lobster", specifically the piece, Up, Simba he wrote in 2000 for the Rolling Stone on John McCain, just to see what the hell happened to McCain in the last 8 years. One monstrous difference so far? Well, the writer of the current issue's article, Tim Dickinson, cannot hold a candle to Mr. Wallace for writing style.

The New Yorker makes a call.


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