Thursday, September 04, 2008

Other Opinions

This piece on Spiked, written by Aussie journalist Guy Rundle, was posted prior to Gov. Palin's Wed. night speech. An interesting take on things political from an outsider's viewpoint. The link was pointed out by the ever cheeky Stephenesque, who opined here on the Alaska addition to the Republican ticket, here.

Anchorage Daily News points out some peculiarities here and here, while the Wasilla Frontiersman laments what the press is doing to the small town Gov. Palin used to be a mayor of, here.

Meanwhile, the Alaska State Trooper's organization is a bit teed off at being the whipping boy of the still current Alaska governor. Wonder if this divorce/child custody case will go Federal.

All in all, it is interesting times we live in.


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