Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election TIme: Cause for Worry #3, "Canada, not a Foreign Country"

In today's NYT, there was a little notice regarding the travel/politicking plans for the McCain/Palin campaign. I noted that one of the visits would be to the UN in NYC, so that Palin could shake hands with foreign diplomats to "bolster her foreign policy credentials". Following that, I'm assuming, she'll be guided to shake hands, after donning surgical gloves, with the homeless usually camped around the perimeter of the UN building to bolster her low income inhabitants credentials.

The whole foreign policy thing and Gov. Palin is beyond strange for me. Her continuous mentioning of Russia and its proximity "just on the other side of the Bering Strait" is her continual harangue as to her foreign credentials. I've yet to hear or to read anywhere where she mentioned that other rather large country that is not seperated by water or walls.
Come on, you know, that humungous tuque of a country resting on the top of our heads. There is not body of water nor a man-made wall seperating Alaska from the Great White North. Gov. Palin has even dealt with the Canadians, specifically a Canadian construction company, to build the oil pipeline that the US oil companies have not built. (Please read the link as it gives a detailed account of the confusing "Pipeline that may not be built" and the tax consequences on the Alaskan citizens. Hmmm, hasn't she boasting about her fiscal conservancy?) How is it that she hasn't discussed her "foreign" dealings with our next door neighbour which, yes I just checked it, is still a sovereign FOREIGN country. Is it possible? No, surely, she realizes that Canada is a country seperate from the US of A?!
Is something strange brewing? Will we soon be seeing the 51st state?

Whisky Prajer, help out a Canuck-lover, eh? What's the dissing that Palin's giving you folks?

**Addendum**: NYT's conservative David Brooks on the tough job that is governance from the Monday 9/15/08 edition.


Even though she has to fly over our country to get home and feed the kids and hubby, she is ignoring us because we are all, to a citizen, still gawping with dumbfounded astonishment at her sudden preeminence.
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