Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Election Time: Cause for Worry #1

In an ongoing series, I'll be providing snippets of how the Dems may yet lose this year's election despite the current Republican White House Sitter's tenure in office running at a 29% approval rating.

Here, on Amazon, there is an Amazon Meter measuring the popularity of Obama and McCain based on the completely objective measurement of Halloween masks purchased. As of today, it's 35% for McCain and 65% for Obama. Seems like an insurmountable lead for the Dem's, right?

OH SO Wrong!

Considering that McCain has readily admitted he couldn't tell a PC from a toaster and you may (tongue-in-cheek) assume that his followers would have similar Luddite thinking, it's scary that 35% were actually able to post their Halloween night masks purchase choice on Amazon.

Maybe I have it all wrong.
180 degrees wrong.

Maybe the folks buying the Obama masks are the folks (the 65% folks) that think Barak O. is such a scary guy that a facsimile of his face will strike horror in any person of voting age. So, the 65% winning mark for Mr. Obama reflects the percentage of Amazon presidential mask buyers who do not admire him but, rather, are in deep fear of him and of his potential win on November 4th (two days after the Day of the Dead). The buyers are hiding their McCain votes behind an Obama mask.

This is getting seriously scary.

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Argh. I read those stats all wrong. Never mind.
Thanks for that 2nd post. I was trying to figure out what you were talking about in the first comment and was flummoxed. Even sentence diagrams couldn't help me.

Perhaps it was my end of things, namely a roundabout phrasing that sounded as if it was forward in all directions, that confused the matter.

All I'm hoping for is that people ignore the slogans and the "on-messaging" and read background reports and respected newspapers, regardless of their ideological stand. There is just way too much noise happening.
"background reports"? "respected newspapers"?! What you propose sounds a lot like work. It's probably best we brace ourselves for the scariest mask of them all: the pitbull with lipstick.

As for my mis-reading, I was panicking, an impulse I hope to see recede when I've returned from the prairies.
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