Friday, September 26, 2008

Beating my Drum

Just mentioning again that I'll be doing a dj-ing shift at WVUD this coming Sunday morning, from 9:00 to 12:00, on the Morning After show. The weekend weather is predicted to be on the waterlogged side, so I'm sure Tom Waits infected melodies will slip in along with moody EST, Nik Bartsch, and Tomasz Stanko.
All will not be on the down low. I'm sure I'll be kicking in some Ry Cooder and new albums by Dr. John, BB King, and Randy Newman. All of the latter had New Orleans on their mind, it seemed, when they put out new work in 2008.

Minimum talk, maximum music, no advertisements. What more can you ask for? Sorry, I don't deliver Sunday morning coffee.

9/28/08 Addendum: Play list for the day has been posted here.


I caught a few minutes before I stepped out for church, and the last 30-odd minutes when I came back. I do believe you saved the best tunes (Newman, Dr. John, McMurtry) for the end. I hope you'll be updating your other blog.
Thanks for dropping in, WP. I will be updating the playlist shortly
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