Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Ouch! It's been a good long while since I've done a shift on The Morning After at WVUD. Through various last minute changes in weekend schedules and opportunities to be laying out down on The Beach (i.e., Delaware beach) or The Shore (Jersey shore, natch), I've been of the airwaves since early May.

Well, the summer's about over and things are getting back to normal. I'll be d.j-ing next Sunday's 9:00 to 12:00 EST show, "The Morning After". Whole new bunch of releases since the summer began. I've been beating the dead horse of I, Flathead; I'll be playing some earlier stuff of Mr. Cooder's as well. The newest (and last) release of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio will be on the CD platter as will some releases by those Old Masters, Randy Newman, B.B. King, and Dr. John, all three having something to say about the aftermath of New Orleans. Other items, like TK Webb & the Visions and a band from Philly, Dr. Dog, will be on ears-play if the mood fits.

So, here's hoping you drop in on the Internet, on the last Sunday in September, a last bite at the summer that was.


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