Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, one thing about the 2008 election, size really doesn't seem to matter.

Joe Biden, the Dem VP candidate, is one of two senators from teeny, tiny Delaware, the 2nd smallest state in the union. There are roughly 853,000 people claiming to live in Delaware.

Sarah Palin, the 'Pub's choice for VP in the upcoming election, is the current first term (barely 2 years into that term) governor of our largest state, Alaska. Aside from grizzlies, elk, and caribou there are around 670,000 people living up there.

Gov. Palin is 44 years old, thus reducing the combined average age of the Republican team from 72 to 58.
Senator Obama just turned 49, which means that in combo with Joe Biden's 65, the Dems' combined average age is 57. So, basically, the rival parties Prez-VP choices are of a joint equal age.

The whole experience question is now totally confusing. The Republicans have the more experienced presidential candidate while the Democrats clearly have the edge on accomplishments and track records.

This election season will be very, very interesting.


That's a great campaign photo! Interesting, indeed!!
A nice photo :-)

Unexpectedly (?), the pre-election time in Slovenia has its international scandal, too. It turns out Finland wants to influence the election outcome in our tiny, sweet Alpine country...
Now, Alcessa, I'm sure that the 21 million Euros that were allegedly paid to the Slovenian Defence Ministry were all going to be "invested" by these same officials in "vikendice" and home projects in Slovenia, so the money would have been put to a greater Slovenian good...

...unless those "vikendice" were to be purchased in Croatia, which isn't so bad either. Investing in Slovenia's friends' real estate is also a good thing.
No one buys vikendice in Slovenia, well: almost no one. It all went to Croatia, that I am sure :-)
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