Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Watching Joe

On the Rebublican National Commitee Site, right there in a continuous count-up red bannered box, is the Republican's tracking of the Time Since Biden's Last Gaffe.

(An aside here, the article just linked, from the CBS News site, was written by a certain Maria Gavrilovic. Now, for any living and breathing Croatian, one's mouth is watering at the mention of the name Gavrilovic. It is food that simply mentioning of can cause dementia in any native who is unluckily away from a Gavrilovic point of purchase. There is salami and then there is Gavrilovic. And now, back to the less spicy topic of politics).

I wonder, if buried somewhere deep in their site, to show their equanimity, the RNC has been keeping a DubyaMeter for our current White House resident's. The time since Biden's last gaffe is over 3 days; don't think they'd have to have a day-counter for the Prez. Hours would be sufficient. Just evidence of that old adage that what you despise/deplore in others is in great abundance in your own skin. The Decider's Party are just such Haters.

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