Thursday, August 14, 2008

Merde! Not that Coffee Again.

I'm not what you'd call a joiner. Tending toward the introvert markings on a social ability scale, I tend to view any groups with mistrust. It's not that I hate people, it's just that I hate people's intrusion on my time. Especially those people who mistakingly view themselves as interesting and thus self-delude themselves into thinking that their poorly crafted stories (well....when you've got bad material to start off a story...) are tales I want to spend my limited time listening to.

So, groups and I do not tend to cross paths too often. Yeah, I belong to your usual professional groups, which means you get an annual card and may have to momentarily attend an annual meeting. I view these things as work-related necessities and, at least as far as the meetings go, I try to latch onto the smallest gathering which is usually centered around the most loose bolt in the professional group's structure. The guy or gal with the most outrageous hair tends to be the person I'll gravitate to when the meeting bell rings. A minimal toll it is for me.

But, I'm really going off the path here. What prompted this post was an off the cuff remark a member made as regards the daily brew made by one of our coffee club members at work.
"This coffee tastes like S_ _ T!"

He was right. It even smelled like it. Memory cogs started churning and I recalled a coffee exquisite concoction I'd read about in a paper a while back. Googling, I came up with this. You folks probably recall the $400 per Lb. coffee beans story. I recounted this story to the coffee opinionator and he looked at me with a shifty eye, while backing away from the coffee urn. Luckily, Google provided me with the needed support for what he took as my bulls_ _t story.

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