Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Radovan 24/7

Mr. Eric Gordy, on his East of Ethnia site, is your source for Radovan Karadžić related information, bent to make it even more interesting while staying within the playing field of truth. In this link, he provides info regarding Mr.

An excerpt, revealing the defense strategy: "Karadzic's lawyer in Serbia, Svetozar Vujacic, said his client was in good mental and physical condition. He was not talking to investigators, but "defending himself with silence."

"He is going to have a legal team in Serbia but he will be defending himself (without a lawyer) during his trial at The Hague," Vujacic told Reuters.

"He is convinced that with the help of God he will win."

This "God" guy Mr. Vujavic is referring to is not the same God we've heard about over here, is it?

Here's Eric's report on the mysterious doings of Radovan Karadžić's other self, Dragan David Dabić. An excerpt, "He did not appear to make a strong impression on his neighbours in Novi Beograd, who if they remember him as well remember him as quiet and polite with a dress sense that was unusual, what Californians might describe as "elegant casual." " These killer despots....always imitating/insulting the California life-style.

Another excellent 24/7 Radovan Karadžić is Finding Karadzic. He provides links to the secret Radovan Karadžić. Karadžić's presence on the Internet is rather spooky, aside from casting even a deeper pall on the alternative health maintenance industry. Check out his Ten Favorite Chinese Proverbs at the bottom of this site. This guy's ego knows no bounds.


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