Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The 'Do is Done

Radovan Karadžić , the noted poet/psychologist/ex-government head/alleged ethnic cleanser/champion hide-'n-seeker has been outed, caught, and whisked away. Poets and psychologists world-wide can now exhale knowing that the truly Bad Boy of their profession will be marched to Th Hague where, at the least, he will be forced to relinquish any ties he had with psychiatry and poetry. A short trip through a photo gallery shows that he has been busy inventing another hairstyle while tucked away somewhere in Serbia. Interesting to note that Mr. Karadžić not only has not lost any of his famous hair but has actually quadrupled its quantity. The black streak running through the top of his pompadour was certainly purposeful so as to not confuse him with Mr. Kaczynski's famous 'do. It is still a mystery as to whether judges or barbers will sit in on judgment of Mr. Karadžić's innumerable charges against humanity and cosmetology.

So, here's the newest visitor to The Hague at a "medical" conference.

n.b.: Tip of the Hat to Eric over at East Ethnia, who clued me into the last link, from the BBC. His entry on Mr. Karadžić is worth reading as his sly wit is noted vis-a-vis the Belgrade Transportation System.


You may take this as bad news, then:

"He has asked for a haircut and a shave," Vujacic said. "Today I expect to see him with his hair short and no beard."

This is a catastrophe of major proportions! Has he not talked to his lawyer.....oh, yeah, forgot. He is his lawyer.

Doesn't he realize that it is for his own benefit to keep his coiffure long and dense? I mean, it'll take at least a few hours for the security guys at The Hague to comb through his hairs for contraband, Weapons of Not So Much Mass Destruction, and bureks. That search procedure would shorten his daily court appearance while prolonging his court date and so his life. The longer this circus drags out, the longer will he be on stage (which fits into his meglamaniacal personality) and the less will be the chance that he actually gets convicted.

Personally, I think he should keep all of the hairs and color it in shades of white, red, & blue.
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