Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Heaven

Got a little toy for my birthday a while back and I was out road-testing it. Here's one of the results. A wee bit seasickness inducing, I'd say. (But, you may ask, how's the quality (before it hits YouTube)? Check out the delightful Mr. David Pogue (who doesn't love this nebbish guy???? I'll hurt you if you don't) here, for an idea.)

Please excuse the limited commentary of the video. I tend to slobber heavily when I'm at this establishment, so vocalization proves difficult. The herky-jerky filming unfortunately doesn't truly reflect the charm of the place. The staff are quite enthusiastic without being cloying, knowledgeable without being preachy, and funny without being performing. Each trip there is different as the used stock eternally changes. There are some bargains to be had, some treasures to be unearthed, and some times of calm to be spent here. Nothing fancy or ornate; simply tuneage displayed for easy perusal. You'll tend to find folks here, customers, I mean, who wander the aisles with the purpose of monks; Minimum talk, maximum reflection. Stockbrokers in $1k+ suits going through the bins right next to Mohawked kids shuffling through the same genre.
Aside from the university, the Exchange is the other main reason to stop by in Princeton.

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You've heard the old joke, "What do you get when you play country music backwards? You get your girl back, your truck back, your dog back..." Don Ross often trots out the sequel to that one: "What do you get when you play New Age music backwards? New Age music." You can probably surmise that his music has been (wrongly) categorized as "New Age."
I know this will be a Stephen Wright sort of question. What happens to New Age music after a few months or years? Does it become Aged New Music or Old New Music? Why can't it simply called Mood Ring Music to get away from the whole Time thing? Or how about simply Music that leaves no after taste or effect? too long, huh?
Wow, is that "Fox On The Run" playing in the background when you walk through the door? That takes me back.

For a minute I was sure I remembered this place from when I was in high school just down the road from Princeton, but then I realized that my college's town also had a place called the Record Exchange. Felt a little wobbly for a minute there.
For me, the seasickness got worse when Carole King started singing. ;-) Soundtrack aside (maybe you can dub over it somehow), the video was compelling.
Mr. S.,
I think that Record Exchange you mentioned may still yet have been your Record Exchange. The Princeton Record Exchange was on Nassau Street, the main drag in Princeton as well you know, in a tight little hole in the wall that meandered in an "L" layout. They moved to the new location around 8-9 years ago.

Nah!!! Can't dub it over; that would take away some of the attraction of the place. Sometimes they're blasting Beethoven, other times T Heads, and then occasionally Pharoah Sanders. It always seemed whoever got in first that day was the music czar for the day.
I actually thought that Carole King was a nice touch: a slight nod to the early moment in silver-screen High Fidelity when Jack Black is playing Katrina & The Waves' "Walkin' On Sunshine."
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