Wednesday, June 25, 2008

......a l m o s t .......

With a depleted squad against a powerful foe, Turkey lost 3-2 to Germany in the 90th minute. A bummer!!! Well, you know things were not going well when Turkey's Ugur Boral scored the first goal in the game. 1-0, Turkey. Things were going to go downhill for the Turks from then on. Per the descriptive, the Germans were outplayed by their under-manned opponent. It's a shame Fatih Terim's boys couldn't pull out another win.

There's always the World Cup in 2010. GO SPAIN/RUSSIA!


What is with these last-minute goals?! Were the defeated teams just being toyed with until that final killer minute? It's getting so's a guy doesn't have to bother tuning in until the five-minute mark.

Still, a very exciting series.
WHoa, that was a killer thriller... I caught myself rooting for both teams because the Turks were so damn good :-)
The match drove my stress hormones to a pitch that did not let me fall asleep when I wanted to...
If only Turkey had not scored first. Then, their chances and heroics would have been better.
No final with coach Fatih Terim? A tragedy for sports watchers and dry-cleaners worldwide.
Well, if anyone is going to knock Germany off their perch, it will be Spain.

Having said that ....
Spain it is...I hope. If they play anywhere close to the way they played Russia, it will be at least an enjoyable game. Two of Spain's goals were simply things of beauty.
I wish you could have heard the noise at my neighbor's when Turkey won over Croatia! It was pretty loud for my part of town....

I am just glad I don't live in Mostar, where there was a pretty nasty riot.
Woo-HOOO!! Spain it is!!!
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