Friday, June 20, 2008


Here's the news. With a scintilla of a second left in injury time (a subjective amount of time in football that is tacked onto regular time) of the Euro 2008 Football championship ( and Croatia up 1-0 on Turkey, the Turks score to tie things up. Well, you know where that was going.

Yeah, Turkey wins in penalty kicks, 3-1. It was a great game and the Croats had their chances. Three absolutely positive scoring chances for sure and they blew them. But the last chance, the chance to run the game out with 20-30 seconds left and their being up 1-Zip on Turkey? That's the chance they truly blew. Idioti!

Well, at least this game's result will be grist for many a Croatian summer's late night moan. If you happen to be in Croatia the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a lot of folks walking around the street, arms pleading as in this photo of Croatian coach Bilic.


yeah, I watched the game live, and it was EXCRUCIATING!!!!!

Not that people in my mostly Muslim area were sad or anything! Shouts of joy rent the night. Me, I switched to OBN to watch 'Green Card' also a little excruciating... for different reasons....
I was so sure Croatia's going to win that I switched off the radio the moment the speaker said 1:0 for Croatia. Then I went on to think the ecstatic screaming outside (it went on till 3 AM) came from Croatian fans, though there had been none when they (you) beat Germany. Yesterday, I heard a lady say to her companion "Yes, but Germany's playing against Turkey" and I wondered. And couldn't believe it. I still can't.
I was unfortunately unable to watch this game, but one of my friends texted me towards the end of the game (Croatia is going to blow it). I had been meeting with a professor and some grad students for the majority of the day. As I walked back to the hotel, I called my friend who greeted me with the bad news. As I recall, I may have called him a Magarac. I directed my frustration and annoyance towards my Ohio-bound friend jokingly taunting him about my trip to Missoula.

Later that night, as I faded to sleep, I caught the first half of the game. I had nightmares about Olic's redirection off the crossbar and Kranjcar's missed header in the 19th minute. What a golden chance.
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