Monday, June 09, 2008

Fell's Point Heat

Meeting up with a too-long-not-seen friend in Baltimore yesterday, we quickly picked him up from the Amtrak station in Baltimore and drove down to Fell's Point. It was 11:30 and the heat was coming off the cobblestone streets right through our shoes. Walking past the familiar Baltimore Police Station, we slogged our way toward the end of one of the multiple piers, hoping to get some cooling harbor breezes. Not of that this day. With the sun pulsating above, we repaired to Kooper's Tavern, for an excellent brunch, with bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas thrown in on this day when quaffing anything cold was a life-preserving necessity. We sauntered around Fell's Point, staying on the shaded side of the streets until the heat forced us into Max's Beerhouse, a veritable fountain of beers on tap and in bottle. A light, cold breeze was blowing through, Croatia v. Austria in Eurocup 2008 was on one of the large HD screens, stand-up comics doubling as bartenders were pouring out the precious stuff, tipsy customers held in control by said bartenders (wavering on that cusp between entertaining and loutish drinking), what more could we have asked for?

Three hours later, we stepped outside the a/c'ed tavern and were plastered with late afternoon heat and on our way back to Delaware. We'll soon be coming back to Fell's Point again. Great places to eat and sit. Noticeable lack of tourists dribbling in form the Inner Harbor about a 1/2 mile away. Old tugboats to goggle at. Laid back atmosphere throughout. Baltimore at its best.


"Three dollar beer!" "Big Ass Drafts!"

Man I'm thirsty...
Sign us up! Mr. Tunes and the S.D. want in on the next sally to Charm City!
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