Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ebright Azimuth

We lowlanders residing in the state of Delaware are well aware that no mountain or even hill range runs through our small state. Most of us are aware that we have the second lowest highest point in the country. Allegedly, Florida, land of hallucinogenic cow pies, has the lowest highest point, Britton Hill, at 345 feet. A lot of folks in Delaware thought Mt. Cuba was our high point as it has "Mt." in its name (In most states "Mt." is short for mountain; in Delaware, it's short for minute) and it's located in an almost hilly part of the state.

Turns out the highest point is Ebright Azimuth, soaring up to 448 feet. Now, IMHO, you can have your Mt. McKinley (Denali), AK at 20,320 ft, your Mauna Kea, HI at 13,796 ft, or even California's Mt. Whitney at 14,494 ft. Me? I prefer the Ebright Azimuth. What a great name! How often do you hear of a place named Azimuth?
"I'm going to Ebright Azimuth's!" sounds like the beginning of a drinking bout.
"That Ebright Azimuth...Geeeeeeez!!" Well, we all know an Ebright Azimuth in our lives that we have an issue with, don't we?

I bring this topic ("Lowest Highest Point") because I will admit to being duped by a favorite group of mine, Moxy Fruvous. This Canadian raconteur-ish band has a live album in which they demand audience participation in determining the Lowest Highest Point. Their answer, i.e. the band's, is Delaware.
I believed these guys, even though the closest they ever got to Delaware was Philly, because they were Canadian. I figured their geography teachers were simply better than ours. Besides, they're Canadian. Why would they invent, mis-lead, or lie? The definity in their tone had me swallow this geographical error with nary a choke.

Lesson to the kiddies: Never trust a rock band for your geographical facts. And if the band happens to be Canadian? Well, don't let their polite manners sway you.



This made me chuckle over at Wikipedia: "Surveying by NGS and DGS personnel indicates that the mobile home park just west of Ebright Road is at least two feet (60 cm) higher than the benchmark."
I wonder what's in that 2 feet of fill under the mobile home park. I'm not buying the flood protection's not like the water is running down hill around Ebright or anything.
Jane: Ah yes, living the high life in Trailer Park, Delaware.

Gwynne: Sounds to me that I'll have to be doing a reconnoiter around the 2nd lowest highest point and take some proof pics. Gives me an excuse for another post.
Anyone duped by Moxy Früvous' brand of tom-foolery is easily forgiven: that group had a collective IQ that was higher than most Western nations' self-inflatable "think tanks." Actually, one of my more pleasant concert memories is from a shared Winnipeg Folk Fest stage with Früv and that other chiefly acoustic Canadian band of some renown. This was in the mid-90s, just after BNL had scored with "If I Had..." At that point the notion of BNL exceeding the status of one-hit-wonder was rather dubious, and the shared stage made it seem nearly impossible. The two groups traded barbs for a bit, until it became clear who was fated to be the straight man. Go ahead and guess who wore the banana cream pie that afternoon ....
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