Monday, June 16, 2008

A Call Out

The daughter, ever sly and humorous will be picking up a dog, a Westy to wit, shortly. The pup comes from a litter of 4, he being the 3rd one sold. The breeder sounds like a real character, a retired gentleman in northeastern PA who has a rambling old house that is the domain of 14 of these little energetic flashes of white fur. The last time we had pets in our dinky (Sub-Saharan word for "tight, small space") house was 15 years ago or so. A caged rat named Nicodemus, an animal whose name took longer to say than the poor animal lived. When the Ever-Loving wife and I first took up shared residence, I brought a Maine Coon-ish cat into our connubial bliss situation. He, poor guy, didn't last too much longer as his abundant hair, or rather, his abundant hair loss was a source of allergic reactions for our kids. In a cruel trick of timing, he was neutered the same day that our first-born arrived. Cats being such intelligent creatures, he always looked at my son with a scowlish look, convinced that his emasculation and my son's arrival was more than mere coincidence. So, off he went to another owner blessed with no aversion to cat dander.

So, we haven't had an animal in our house in quite a while. We haven't been tied down by four legged beasts that would put a crimp in our imagined spontaneous & exciting lives. The kids are grown and we...have opted to burden ourselves with a wet-nosed tail-wagging bundle of joy. Who says you get smarter as you get older?

Oh, yeah. The name. I had mentioned the slyness of my daughter, right? She opted for the Nom du Chien of Barko. Yes, Barko, which coincidentally rhymes with Darko. Wonder who'll be coming when he's called?

Note Bene: My apologies in advance for sappy puppy photos that will most probably appear on this blog. I will provide advance warnings of these treacly pics whenever possible.

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Barko. I love it.
Oh, dear. I think you may have to create a new blog for this little guy.

Say, do you have any idea how Nick Hornby is taking the success of the Croatian foo... soccer team? Surely he's let a little bile slip into his perambulations. But where?
Awww...Barko is a lovely Croatian name. ;-)

Westies are the only small breed that I really like...they behave much more like a large breed, not nearly as yappy as the small ones.
Jane: Yeah, you love it. We'll see how it works out at my end. Neighbours on our street, even very long term neighbours are still a little shy about saying my name. It's as if when we were introduced they still believe they'd mis-heard. Who the hell has a name like "Darko"!??!?! Now, when they hear us calling our dog, they'll assume that Barko was my name all along and wonder why the hell that Barko guy named the family dog after himself!?!?! What a self-centered guy?

WP, although Barko may not have his own blog, he and I shall do the Vulcan mind-meld and be as one. So, if after Saturday you detect an improvement in the writing quality, it is probably Barko using Darko's typing skills to en a few thoughts.

Gwynne: One word. Yappy. That was my only condition with getting a dog, i.e. NO yappiness. My (limited) experience with Westies is that aside from not yapping, they hardly ever bark. They do have the habit of noticing when you're napping and digging a hole underneath you and burying you with your house's detritus. We're still looking for our neighbour's 12 yr old son, last seen sleeping in late one Saturday. That pile of clothes and electronica in one of his room;s corners has thus far been ignored.

We shall see how Barko takes to us and vicey versa.
WP, re. Mr. Hornby. Et Tu? I've had no luck in searching for any opinionating he may have scribed re. Croatia or England's non-participation in Euro 2008.
I realize Hornby usually saves his commentary for his beloved Arsenal team, but even so: the rest of England seems to be peeved with their team's no show. Surely the man has something to say (and surely there's a broadsheet willing to pay him to say it)?
Forget the Barko blog. He needs a Facebook page.

(Speech Diva)
Honorable Speech Diva:
It has been made clear to me in no uncertain terms by a dear family member that I shall not be involved in Facebook.
So, if Barko was to have his own Facebook site, it would be up to that family member to set it up and maintain it for him, at least until his paws get used to the keyboard. Maybe he could do the blinking thing like the Butterfly Diving Bell guy and she could tip-tap on the keyboard.
We shall see. One thing I am sure of is that if Barko would have a Facebook, his FQ (Friend Quantity) would be much higher than mine. Maybe it's time for me to grow out my whiskers again...
Back to Hornby: here we go!
I'll have to buy a beer for Mr. Hornby for giving his props to Croatia's playing.
I took tomorrow off to watch the 2:45 pm game.
Well, that and to be around when some CroMagnons come to deliver a washer and dryer. Hope they're in and out early in the a.m.
Hornby has proven himself to be imminently sensible -- yet again. Good luck with that delivery. Worst case scenario: they'll show up at 2:40 and ask if they can sidle up and join you.
I laugh at the terrier quality you describe...burying the house residents and such. My brother's family recently acquired a "young" Westie (thought to be 7 months but in actuality it was 7 YEARS old). The first night, he burrowed his way into their rabbit's cage (in the family room). Fortunately, Westies don't EAT bunny rabbits, they just find and catch them, so both the dog and the rabbit were sitting inside the cage waiting for the family to came downstairs.
No rabbits in our house, although, oddly enough since we live in the city, there are caches of 'possums and a few foxes roaming the neighborhood at night. What concerns us the most is the huge number of LARGE dogs in our neighborhood. LARGE carnivorous looking dogs.

We shall see if Barko quickly learns that what lays on the other side of the stockade fence is not as interesting as what lays within the confines of our yard.
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