Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Vase

""When things are good people seem to want to give you flowers. When things go bad - heads up! The vase is coming at you."-Martin Biron, Phlyers netminder and florist

Philly up 3-1 over the Habs of Montreal. Unbelievable. Each game basically the same. Phlyers go up 1-0. Then 2-0. Then Montreal ties it up. Two goals between a sip and a subsequent swallow of beer.

Uh-Oh. This is the game that they fold. Well, it was a good run. Next year, with this year's experience, they'll do much better. And Kovalev; this period he'll stop dancing with the puck and start making a serious commitment with the Phylers' net.

it doesn't happen. The Phlyers take a moment or two to mull over things and they close the deal. 4-2, last night and another demoralizing loss for Montreal, despite the best efforts of the NHL referees in the first period to assist their scoring efforts. The Phlyers have come to terms with the fact that they will be penalized needlessly and seem to have planned for playing a man short as part of their game plan.
You've got to empathize with the Habs. They play a beautiful game and yet...they're one game from elimination. The Clydesdales are galloomping past the Thoroughbreds.


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