Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polling Iceland

"Click for a larger image."

A long, long time ago, if you image-Googled "Iceland", you were directed to this blog site as your first choice. A strange and welcome choice for me as it introduced folks wanting more "Iceland" to come for a (usually short) visit here. From time to time, as a public service, I image-Google "Iceland" to see what picture of that lovely country comes in as #1.
Today it turns out this pic is #1 (Tip of the Hat to Elementaryteacher) while this one, a previous all-time favorite comes in at #2 (Tip of the Hat to Layne Kennedy). The picture I have borrowed for this post, #7 at this time, has a good chance of advancing. No caption was provided, so I'll assume this is "Opera, the Icelandic Way". (Tip of the Hat to I think I do see a person bobbing in the water that doesn't realize there is not a primary in Iceland.


Eiiieeeee!! That'll teach me to just click on any old link you post! "A person" indeed! I'm just grateful he hasn't read your Speedo post ... yet.
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