Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not Asleep

A wonderful little short story, Awake, by Jenny Allen, from this week's New Yorker. Quick! Quick! Unless you're a subscriber, the link will most probably vanish shortly.

Favorite passage. ""Cleave" is a funny word, because it means to sunder, and, strangely, it also means to stick to. "Ouster" is a funny word. "Ouster" means the act of getting rid of someone, but it also means the person who does the getting rid of. Who should be the ousterer. "Timorous" means timid, but why not just say "timid"?

Timmy was the name of the boy in "Lassie", the television show. The theme music for the show was melancholy, shockingly so. It made you yearn, it made you homesick, even as you watched it in your own home.


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