Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hockey (Pronounced, "Haaaaacky!")

It's deep into the first round. Phlyers are up 2-1 over the Ovechkinites of DC and Ms. E. over @ The Theory of Ice has her style up to a playoff buzz.

Please notice,
"They (and no, I’m not going to tell you who ‘they’ are, my sources are confidential) tell me that this is the way playoff hockey is supposed to be, by which I assume they mean that playoff hockey is fucking weird. Fast but claustrophobic, conservative but chaotic, tidy at the core and sloppy around the edges. Imagine a ballroom dance competition being attacked by a legion of zombies; everyone frantically trying to fend of the ravenous undead with folding chairs and feather boas while simultaneously struggling not to miss a step in their foxtrot routine. This game was a lot like that, only weirder.".

Go. Read. Please. Who is this mono-lettered woman? And can she hip-check one into the boards without spilling any ink?

For her scriptures on the following, just click.

On Speed.
On Watching.
On Loyalty.
On Violence.
On Losing.


"Now that it’s the playoffs, a full period of dump-in lead-protection is somehow the absolute height of drama."

I have mulled over this proclamation of hers for a while (obviously) and I simply cannot agree. That game, and other low-scoring games of its ilk, was difficult for me to generate interest in. If we were cable subscribers, I would have found something else on the telly.

For the most part, though, whatever makes her happy usually makes me happy, too. Which is why I kvetch here, and not on her blog.
Since my beloved Devils have been unbelovingly dumped by the Rangers, my playoff loyalty has become more localized. The Phlyers, last night, unfortunately exhibited exactly the dump in lead protection tactics that Ms. E. mentioned in your quote.
So, with a 2-0 series-clinching lead in their mitts, they promptly stalled their way to a 4-2 loss which, based on their dispirited play in the last period bodes for a series-ending loss in D.C.

Unless! Unless, the Phlyers do what the Habs did in their 7th game, which was to crank up the O and pedal-to-the-metal skate their backsides off.

We shall see. The Ovechkinites looked pretty impressive even with playing without their two best defensemen for most of the second and third periods last night.
Eef -- the Rangers! After that series, I really want to see them lose! For the record, I don't think Avery is "an idiot" -- but he's definitely a tool (feel free to associate that term with its most unsavory implications).

As for the Habs, after watching that 7th game I actually started thinking they might have what it takes to go the distance. What a world...
WP, I'm with you about Avery ,although that New Yorker article was pretty funny, what with revelation of Mr. Avery's haut couture leaninigs. What was definitely lacking with the Devils was the stark meanness of the long-gone Scott Stevens. I'd expected John Madden to plaster Avery's glaring puss against the glass, but the meanness has been replaced with meakness and until the Devils come up with a player with fire in his eyes and a scary laugh in his play, it may be time to trade in the pitchfork for a broom.
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