Friday, February 01, 2008

Crack Open Your Ears..

..and give this a listen. Mr. Whisky Prajer has gone podcast. He reads Footnote To a Bread Recipe from his self-published collection of short stories, Youthful Desires.

The story is a bit over 14 minutes. Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, crank up the computer speakers, and settle back to a gorgeous rendition of one of the wonderful stories contained in Youthful Desires (highly recommended for purchase and perusal!).

He starts with Every day at 4:15 she rescued me from the grain elevator like some kind of gasoline angel, barreling down the dust road in my '67 pick-up to claim the soul of this work-worn soul. Having grown up in a family where the spoken and the written word carry equal weight, it is no surprise that the published words of his story come off strong and uncluttered when read aloud. It is not easy trick to write intricately with a tuned ear for the mot juste, and have the story present itself well both in the reading and in the speaking.

Congratulations to Mr. WP for pulling it off.

In other more pedestrian news, yours truly has recently purchased a replacement box for the twin domestic PC's that gave up the ghost. No, it's not a Mac (pause to dab the tears); it's a Dell. Adequacy in the face of additional buckos. This weekend, I'll be setting it up and hopefully renewing the blogging spirit. For those kind folks that still came to visit here in hopes of some scribbling, I thank you and I will be back, very shortly.

February will be a big month for dj-ing at 91.3. In addition to my semi-regular show, The Morning After, which I'll be hosting on Sunday, February 3rd, I'll be sitting in on a friend's jazz show, Avenue C, while he is on hiatus. The latter is on each Friday night from 10:00 to 12:00 midnight. I'll be dj-ing all of February's Fridays. So, listen in, if you've got somewhere to be within earshot of some happening tunes.

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Wow - high praise indeed! Thank you very much, DV.

And best of luck with the Dell. Happens to be my brand of PC as well, and has served me without fail for the past 19 months. Mind you, I'm chiefly an Ubuntu Linux guy (keeps everything nice and speedy, to say nothing of secure). Say, any chance you purchased a dual-boot from Dell?
Mr. WP,
Praise? Never high enough.

Re. The Dual Boot.
I'll be a peg-leg pirate for now and just bother with one boot, as my recent problems had to do with just getting a PC up-'n-running off of one op system. I'm a bit anxious to see how the Vista does, especially since viewing some of the Apple commercials recently shown that indicate how inferior Vista is to Mac's Leopard. I'm still stalking my daughter's Pro Powerbook and hope to have first dibs on it when she graduates to another version of the Powerbook in the next few years.

Why do her fingers glide across the Mac keyboard and mine clunk around a PC based machine? Will I even be allowed to use a Mac again or is there some governing laws in the ehter out there that will prevent me from reaching personal computational Nirvana?
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