Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Out of Operation

To my devoted readers and occassional flyovers,
I truly am not dogging it. Received my new (well, actually "Refurbished") HP Pavlion PC last Wed., complete with "Premium" Vista service...whatever the hell that means. Plugged it in. Turned it on and awaited connectivity. Initial turn-on was supposed to top out @ 20 minutes. After 40 minutes, I came back to the box to see that it had locked/seized up.
Turned it off and repeated.
Four times.
Called HP service, located in one of the caves in Afghanistan that hasn't been bombed.
No luck.

So, the "Refurbished" is being sent back to its point of shipping origin, PCMall (in my case PCMal) and attempt another choice.

Oh, for a few shekels more for a real personal computer.......

I'll be back as soon as the FedEx/UPS guy comes a calling.

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Sorry to hear about your tech woes. I know Apple machines are more expensive in the short run, but over time the productivity boost adds greatly to the economy (as I'm sure you know). They're due to update the MBP line pretty soon now, so I would expect there might be some very good deals on some of the older models right around the corner.
Aiiiieeeeeee!! Is there any better way to make January the cruelest month, than to kick it off with gimpy PC?! Man, that is vexing.

Say, have you considered starting a "buy me an Apple" fund? Bloggers do such things, and I'm willing to bet you've got a few readers who would kick in just to get a more regular DV fix.
Your kind words and advice are highly welcome.
Mr. Sgazzetti, I am VERY tempted to wait until those older models start becoming affordable. Affordable is a strange word for a Mac; my wife has been happily punching away, with no freeze-ups, shut-downs, viral infections on her Mac for over 5 years. NOT ONE PROBLEM.
So, considering I've had 2 1/2 PC's in that time frame and she one Mac, which platform is truly the Affordable One?
If I may digress here. I started out with those Russian suitcase computers known as Compaqs. I then went to the first versions of Macs and stayed there until software at work demanded I switch to the PCWIn model. What, I' m trying to say is my first preference is a Mac and so I have to play around with that "Affordable" thing in my head.

Mr. WP,
Nemam jaje, directly translated from Croatian, I don't have the eggs; you understand what I'm getting at. Setting up an upturned hat on this blog to invite coinage my way for this completely selfish acquisition when all I can do is repay with mid-level hack blogging makes even me blush. I appreciate your kind intentions but no mirror in my house would be able to look me in the face if I took to BlogBegging.
Sheesh. If I'd have known, I wouldn't have taken my old 386-er out back and shot it this weekend. ;-) Although the shipping costs alone would have bought you a new Dell laptop. I'm all for the blegging...go ahead...do it! :-)
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