Friday, January 11, 2008

Loonie Daze

As the Fed and the bearded Mr. Bernanke prepare to cut the Fed key interest rate by a half point, Countrywide Bank is set to be acquired by Bank of America. Oil is going to $100 a barrel within the month. Tata is acquiring Land Rover and Jaguar. Up is down and down is the dollar's direction.

Uncontrollable Aside Notice: I hate (!!!!) that Bank of Americaa behemoth name! You just know that this Bank of America naming thing is an excess of hubris that will bring them down like a flying gerbil.

So, in these troubled times, a chance to have a slight upturn of the mouth.

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Heh. I thought you meant that YOU (i.e. Tata) was getting a new Jaguar and Land Rover. :-)
Me, a Jaguar? A Land Rover?
Nah. Never. I love cars that spend the majority of their life riding on the road rather than looking oh so pretty parked in a mechanic's garage.
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